There was a time in the not so distant past that most Americans didn’t know what carne asada tasted like, let alone a Mexican beer. Tecate, the Mexican beer with bold flavor, is glad that’s changed. And so is America. Los Estados Unidos just got a little bit lighter this week as Tecate announced a nationwide expansion of Tecate Light. Previous distribution of Tecate Light was focused on the Sunbelt states (the southern tier of the U.S.) where it had 47% year-over-year growth. Tecate Light (according to Nielsen, as well as top-tier business publications!) is now the fastest growing light beer in the U.S.!


“The success Tecate Light saw in 2015 has set our brand up for an even bigger year in 2016,” said Belen Pamukoff, Brand Director, Tecate. “For the first time ever, the entire United States can taste one of Mexico’s most popular light beers while seeing our masculine Black Eagle as he takes flight across the country through the ‘Born Bold’ campaign.”


Along with this exciting expansion comes an updated look for the franchise. This month, Tecate and Tecate Light unveil dynamic contemporary packaging that retains the brand’s essence yet appeals to millennial consumers, 21 and older. The redesign, led by global agency Elmwood, refreshes the iconic Black Eagle by broadening his shoulders, puffing out his T-emblazoned chest, placing him on a modernized Tecate word marque, and adding Spirit Eagles in the background. A modern silver strip cuts through the center of the design, creating a visually striking and unifying contrast with Tecate’s red can and Tecate Light’s blue can.


The new can design leads the launch of the next iteration of the popular Born Bold campaign, taking it national to align with the new distribution. The refreshed 39-week campaign includes English and Spanish broadcast as well as digital and #BornBold social activations. Two 30-second TV spots, created with Saatchi & Saatchi NY, puts the spotlight on the brand’s protagonist, the Black Eagle, while highlighting the two biggest passion points of Tecate’s bi-cultural Hispanic consumer – soccer and boxing. In “Red Card,” the Black Eagle comes face-to-face with famed Mexican soccer referee Felipe Ramos Rizo, empowering him to make the bold, right decision. In “Flashy,” Tecate highlights its new partnership with Mexican superstar boxer Canelo Alvarez, while putting the fearless Black Eagle center ring. The icon inspires Canelo to ditch the bling and stay true to his roots. It is the first time the brand is endorsing an individual fighter, and it will be heavily promoted leading into Canelo’s first fight of 2016 against Amir Khan on May 7th in Las Vegas, as well as in advance of his future 2016 fights.


“Tecate has a history of innovation dating back to 1949, when we launched the first canned beer in Mexico,” said Felix Palau, Vice President, Tecate. “The redesign of our renowned red can will open up the Tecate franchise in the U.S. to a new wave of consumers.”


Tecate is changing the way it’s distributed, the way it looks and the way it’s advertised. What’s not changing is its bold taste. This Cinco de Mayo, when you find yourself with a pork belly chipotle adobo torta in your hand, use your free hand to grab the boldest of Mexican beers – Tecate or Tecate Light. After one sip, you’ll realize the Home of the Brave may soon become the Home of the Bold.