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This is why Blue Moon looks different

The beer with an orange in it now has an orange on it.

For the first time ever, the signature orange garnish appears on the box of Blue Moon Belgian White Belgian-Style Wheat Ale.

It’s part of a new look for all Blue Moon Brewing Co. beers — Belgian White and fellow year-rounders White IPA and […]

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Tecate Soars into Cinco de Mayo with National Distribution of Tecate Light, a New Look and a Refreshed Campaign

There was a time in the not so distant past that most Americans didn’t know what carne asada tasted like, let alone a Mexican beer. Tecate, the Mexican beer with bold flavor, is glad that’s changed. And so is America. Los Estados Unidos just got a little bit lighter this week as Tecate announced […]

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Miller Lite returns to Orginal Steinie Bottle for limited time only this holiday season

The brand that launched the light beer category is going back to its roots, again. After successfully bringing back its original look in 2014, Miller Lite will be available in the Original Steinie Bottle for a limited time only during the holiday season. The 12-ounce ‘Steinie’ bottle will connect generations of beer drinkers as […]

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New look for Coors Light, bicultural push for Miller Lite

MillerCoors which spurred a comeback for Miller Lite with design changes, is about to give Coors Light a new look as it seeks to revive the slumping brand.

Meanwhile, Miller Lite will launch a new campaign called “bodega” that will run in Spanish and English, according to MillerCoors Chief Marketing Officer Andy England, who previewed […]

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Is That an Orange in your Blue Moon?

Why, yes it is.

When we first started distributing Blue Moon® Belgian White* across the country, we noticed something: lemons. Lots of them. All curiously hanging off the sides of Blue Moon Belgian White*, which is common practice for traditional Belgian Wits that are tart. But Blue Moon® Belgian White* is not tart; it’s slightly […]

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